Blind Date with a Book

Now through February 14th, give yourself a


(or as many as you’d like!)

The fine print:

  • Must be 16 or older to participate.
  • Only 3 “Blind Date” check outs per day.
  • Books must remain wrapped until out of the library. 

Just check out one or more of the paper-wrapped books on display at the Downtown Library.  You won’t know the identity of your “blind date” until you get it home. 

Will it be: Fiction? Non-Fiction?Funny? Informative? Entertaining? Heart-Breaking?

All of the books have been recommended by a member of our Amarillo Library Staff for our monthly BookNews Staff Picks e-newsletter.



Fill out the slip in your book’s back pocket and turn it in by February 13 for a drawing on Valentine’s Day!

 (Some books contain another prize as well!)