Benefit Bank

What is The Benefit Bank? 

The Benefit Bank is a web-based service that simplifies and centralizes the process of applying for many state and federal benefits for low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

Why should I work with a Counselor from The Benefit Bank ? 

Billions of dollars in public funds go untouched each year because applying for state and federal benefits such as Food Stamps or Medicaid is confusing, intimidating, time consuming, or embarrassing.  Additional billions in tax credits are also left unclaimed due to lack of knowledge.  The Benefit Bank can ensure that you are fully aware of the benefits to which you are entitled and help maximize the benefits and tax refunds you can secure.  An estimated $7.5 billion in federal worker support in the form of food assistance, tax credits, medical benefits, public benefits and student financial aid is unclaimed by Texas families every year.   Working with a Counselor from The Benefit Bank supports employment, education, and back-to-work success rates, while reducing poverty, hunger, and homelessness.  When families claim worker supports, the dollars are spent in their local communities, boosting economic recovery through a multiplier effect.

How will I know if I am eligible for The Benefit Bank? 

Your Counselor from The Benefit Bank will help you complete a quick and confidential eligibility check.

How long will the first appointment take?  

Your first appointment can take up to two hours, but the great thing about The Benefit Bank is that it streamlines the application process. Once you’ve used The Benefit Bank for one program (to file federal taxes for example) that information is saved for other applications such as Student Aid or SNAP. 

What benefits can I apply for?  

Counselors from The Benefit Bank offer one-on-one assistance with applications for: SNAP Food Benefits, Medicaid and CHIP, Federal Student Aid, Cash Assistance (TANF), and Federal Tax Returns. 

Are The Benefit Bank counselors available at every Amarillo Public Library? 

Counselors for The Benefit Bank are available at the Downtown Library and at the East, North, and Northwest Branch Libraries.

How can I make an appointment?  

At the Downtown Library call 378-3054 and ask for Melody or Lisa.

At the East Branch call 342-1589 and ask for Sam.

At the North Branch call 381-7931 and ask for Shaun.

At the Northwest Branch call 359-2035 and ask for Donna.

Is the Library the only place to access The Benefit Bank? 

No, The Benefit Bank assistance is also available through many Amarillo schools, churches, and non-profit agencies.  To find other sites for The Benefit Bank, go to and click on Locate Counselor Assistance. 

Can I use The Benefit Bank on my own? 

Yes, go to and click on Learn more about Self Serve.